April Sivad is a Mother, Artist, Student of life, Traveler, Fashion Designer, Author, Entrepreneur, and a lover of all things ART. Originally from upstate New York, April lived half her life in Toronto Ontario, New York City, and finally migrated to Atlanta, GA., gainig over 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry and working with kids in various capacities. Though April has already accomplished her B.A. degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta as well as her M.A. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Full Sail University, she is diligently working toward her DBA in Doctor of Strategic Leadership at Liberty University.


April's love for "the arts" has compelled her to find her purpose in life- to travel the world blending her education and experience with her passion for "the arts" and child development. For this very reason PureART was created in July of 2015. Today, April is fully committed to inspiring all youth to unapologetically live out their beautiful purpose just as she does. She strongly believe that the opportunity for self expression and increased self esteem, provided by consistent and quality art education, is extremely integral to the development of the young mind. It increases the capacity and passion for learning in all areas of life, and with that, on can TRULY change the world.


Meet April Sivad - PureART's Founder & Art Director - at The Bakery Atlanta, this Summer, June 3 - August 2 825 Warner Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310. 



Art Appreciation is the knowledge and understanding of the universal and timeless qualities that identify all great art. The more the world appreciates and understands art of different eras, movements, styles and techniques, the better we are able to evaluate and improve our own unique masterpieces. PureART cultivate creativity, social development, and leadership in our students while inspiring them to make positive differences in their community through "the arts".


PureART students find inspiration by diving into other cultures outside of their own and getting to travel and learn from various art forms. During our regular program, we tour the city of Atlanta to visit movie & production studios, museums & art galleries, theaters & stage plays, fashion shows, magazine corporations, visit high-end chef kitchens, and any other art form discussed. By the end of the summer, our students will have participated in various workshops and classes that could put them in front of some of the most successful directors, producers, and top colleges in the city. Register your Creative TODAY for our PureART summer program!


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